Confused and Cute Kitty Siblings Make Play Adventurous and Adorable!!!


Cute and confused exotic short-haired cats are playing with each other at home and one of them has seemingly blocked the other from escaping. This friendly game and the adorable nature of these beautiful kitty siblings showcased in these photos has captured the imagination of Twitter users worldwide. ♪

Here is the story of brother cat “Oval-kun” and sister cat “Kotobuki-chan”. If you want to see more, click here at .

The cute facial expression looking up here in trouble with no where to go is just adorable. ♪


No goodwill from anyone right now.


Oh, does anyone know that I am here?


Is it safe for me to come out of here finally?


This brother and sister combo are very good friends but play can be tough and not so friendly ♪


Cute Kitty Siblings taking a break and looking adorable!