Different Perceptions of Men and Women are Clearly Shown When It Comes to Colour!!!

source: livedoor.blogimg.jp

I think you have a lot I can be different in men and women? In one of them, it will introduce since found an interesting image that the colour of the appearance is also different.

▼ This image has a range of 29 colours. However, it shows that there is a difference in the appearance of how men and women view this colour.

Men’s Rough Perception?

29 kinds of colours were shown, but the man apparently does not perceive the upper range of the (seven) colours shown.
Seven colours did not show up when surveyed, only the rough colours such as red and purple were perceived!

Women’s Fine Perception?

Women apparently referred to all 29 types of colours (though colours had different names in countries such as Japan) but women could perceive all of the “fine” colours that men could not.

This survey clearly shows the differences of perception between men and women on the subject of colour perception.

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