A Controversial Pet Ad Reveals a Deeper Meaning of Human Relations…


Introducing a controversial pet ad that was posted in the United States has become a hot online topic for some surprising reasons.

The reason for posting an ad, according to the (anonymous) man is that the woman that he has been dating, apparently hates his dog. So the man, post the ad to give away the dog to another home.

This ad, “appears to be a insensitive and selfish act to get rid of a pet”. However, as you continue reading the ad until the end….

The Contents of the Advertisement.


In fact, the man actually wants to get rid of his selfish girlfriend and keep his dog named Molly instead!

Comments Submitted to the Ad

・Not a good story but it was an interesting story.
・Well, I’ll take the cute one.
・He made the right decision.
・Even so, it was a good relationship for four years.

Initially, I thought it was such a selfish act but the outcome was unexpected. In the future, I hope he finds a new lover who will get along with the dog!


source: www.irishmirror.Ie
source: www.reddit.com