An Amazing Method on How to Restore and Revive a Banana to Its Original Yellow Colour?!?


When the colour of a banana turns dark, it usually means that you should avoid eating it and it gets tossed in the trash. 
But, there is a way to restore and revive the colour of a banana to its original state making it edible again! Please watch the video and discover the magical method on how to do this!

How to Restore and Revive a Darkened Banana.

First, put some uncooked rice (jasmine rice) into a zip lock plastic bag.


Then, seal put the blackened banana inside the bag.


Leave the banana in the bag for about 1 hour.


When you remove the banana, the colour will still be quite dark.


Get a hair dryer, place it on the cold air setting and start to dry out the banana.


As you move the dryer back and forth over the skin of the banana, the colour starts to magically change!


It has now been transformed into a perfectly clean yellow banana!


And, when you peel the banana, it looks good enough to eat!


Please take a look at the video revealing the entire process.

See Video Here

I do not know how to explain the science behind this process but it is a great hack on how to revive an old banana back to life!

Please give it a try!

source: YouTube