An Inspiring Story of a Boy Losing His Dog to Cancer is a Sad and Touching Story!!!


Why is the life of the dog’s shorter than human beings? This difficult question was asked by a boy who had just lost his dog to cancer and was a touching and sad story of loss and heartbreak.

His dog has terminal cancer.

A 6-year-old boy named Shane and his 10-year-old dog named Becker (an Irish Wolfhound) are the best of friends, so it was a tragedy when Becker was diagnosed with terminal stage cancer and was in severe pain. A decision was made by Shane’s family to have the dog put to death. This was a huge shock to Shane.

Shane was there when Becker was put to sleep.

Shane was allowed to be with Becker until the end and was hugging his dog until just before the euthanasia was conducted. In his grief and in trying to accept the death of his dog, Shane asked the question, Why is the life of the dog’s shorter than human beings?

From human beings have everyone born, or love a person, you will learn how to send a happy life? But, you already know their way from the time the dog was born. So you do not need to live any longer.

Dogs can teach people a lot of things about life and love. Becker seems to have taught Shane many important life lessons.