A Policewoman Lifts Up a Car and Shows Super Cop Strength!!!


After a quarrel with a driver over a parking violation, a policewoman became so angry that she used a wrecker to lift up the car has become a hot topic online.

As the argument heats up, the taxi driver and the policewoman start to gesture more at each other.

After repeated attempts to make the taxi driver move, the policewoman to reach into the grill of the car in an attempt to move or lift it out of the way with her bare hands.

She appears to lift the car. This is impossible!

People watching also appears to be surprised.

After the performance, the policewoman celebrates with shouting and gestures of delight!

Company Video Commercial.

This video was shot as commercial on social media called “Car Lister”. A car can be lifted easy = car buying and selling on social media seems to be the concept. The video was funny and surprising just the service offered!

See Video Here

source: YouTube