How to Make Smart Phone Case in about 10 seconds and for Less than 1 Dollar!!!


How to make a Smart Phone Case in about 10 seconds and cost less than 1 dollar has become a hot topic on Twitter and on YouTube all over the globe. It has also been featured in the overseas media.

A Smart Phone Case made with Balloons!

A simple balloon can be transformed into a colourful smartphone cover and costs less than 1 dollar. In other words, it is possible that you can make this case on your own for as little as 10 cents (or the cost of a single balloon). Here are the directions to make one at home.

1. First, inflate a balloon.

2. While holding the nozzle of the balloon so it remains full of air, place the smartphone in the center area of the inflated balloon as shown in the photo.

3. Keep pressing the smartphone downward into the balloon as you slowly release the air from the nozzle of the balloon.

4. The balloon will slowly adopt the shape of the smartphone and as the rest of the air is let out, your customised smartphone case has been created!WS000006_R
The back of the case and the smartphone will look like this.

Anyone can Make a Balloon Smartphone Case!

Balloons have so many rich colour variations!

source: Twitter

There are likely many ways to enjoy making these low cost smartphone covers using balloons. Everyone should please try it by all means!

See Video Here

source: YouTube