Collisions Between a Cat and a Turtle is an Apparent Mystery!!!

fd300069 (1) -horz
Here is a cat relaxing on the floor and is apparently under attack by a turtle! As the kitty tries to enjoy the attention of a person stroking his head, the turtle persists in trying to move straight into the side of the cat for no apparent reason.

Does the turtle have a grudge against the cat? Why does it keep repeating the same direction with changing? Why doesn’t the cat move? It is quite a mystery!

The cat has now clearly changed his sitting position but the turtle simply adjusts and collides again with the body of the feline as if it is on purpose.
fd300071 (1) -horz

The cat changes position again and the turtle adjusts. A collision looks imminent.
fd300073 (1) -horz

This turtle is really persistent!

See Video Here

This turtle is kind of cute, kind of annoying and maybe kind of blind!

source: YouTube