A Guide Dog Jumps in front of a Bus to Protect Its Blind Owner is a True Display of Courage!!!

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In order to protect her blind owner, a guide dog heroically jumped in front of a bus. This courageous act of devotion and duty became a popular subject in the US media recently.

An Unexpectedly Accident Occurred.

In Brewster, New York, a golden retriever guide dog named “Figo” was supporting her blind owner Audrey Stone’s (62 years old), “Figo” while walking across the street at a crosswalk.

A school bus carrying kindergarten children failed to notice the pair and as the vehicle careened towards them without reducing speed, the guide dog jumped in front of her owner blocking her from the oncoming bus.

Stone incurred relatively minor injuries (three broken ribs, bloody gashes to her head, elbow and ankle) while Figo was left with a broken bone in her foreleg as shown the photo below. Neither was seriously hurt in this potentially serious accident.

Immediately after the Accident.

source: www.unilad.co.uk

While Seriously Injured, Figo Snuggled Up to the Owner.

An eyewitness to the accident commented.

The dog was seriously injured in the leg after blocking the owner from the bus. Though, it could only stand on three legs, it still moved closer to its owner and snuggled up to her to keep her warm and secure. I was quite moved by the courage of this dog.

Figo is on the Mend.

Figo underwent surgery on her foot at an animal hospital and is recovering from her injury while her owner intends to communicate with the dog via a video phone to aid in its recovery. It is hoped that both guide dog and her blind owner can fully recover from their injuries and be reunited as soon as possible.

This was an amazing act of courage and bravery by this wonderful dog to protect its owner from harm at whatever cost. It is truly an inspiring and heartwarming story.


source: rightwingnews.com
source: wqad.com
source: www.unilad.co.uk
source: rightwingnews.com