Moped Trash Hunter on the Highway is Actually a “Staged” Event and Not Reality!!!


fd300013rHere is a video called “Trash Hunter on the Highway,” which has generated some online buzz among viewers for its content and the possibility that this video make a fake! What do you think? Is this video really taken a moving scooter on a real highway? Please watch it carefully and decide for yourself!

First of all, the driver gets on the moped and starts to ride down the road.


Someone in a car in front of the rider has tossed some trash on the road!fd300013r

Picking up an empty pet bottle off the road.fd300014r

Following the car in front while driving the scooter with one hand.fd300016r

See Video Here


It was exciting drama that could be an interesting movie to watch if longer. However, it is not a real video but a “staged” chase scene and there was purposely dropped plastic and other trash actually caught on video at that exact moment.

The first shooting camera angle is from an unnatural position. Also, the empty pet bottle picked up on the road looks too clean to be trash and most likely would not be perfectly shaped if drop on the highway from a moving car.

However, even if this video is not real, everyone should stop any littering of trash while driving on a highway!

What did you think of this video?

source: YouTube