Super Small Swimwear Enrages Customers with “Supported Visual Evidence”


Swimwear purchased online at Amazon is way too small! Customers who were furious with their purchase posted many complaints on Amazon customer reviews . In addition, these cute “super small” swimwear images were posted on SNS (showing just how small this swimwear actually is).  It has become a hot topic online.

Just how small was this swimwear? This photo compares part of the swimsuit with a normal sized sandal. They are almost the same size!

OMG?! Here are some photos posted online, A cat is wearing the same swimsuit as the one above(Looks Cute!)

Swimwear for Cats and Humans…

It looks a little small on the kitty, don’t you think? Can you imagine an adult trying this one? It looks like a significant size issue!

Here is a unhappy customer review posted online about the swimwear with a very low satisfaction rating of 1 below.

This swimsuit fits on my cat but the cat doesn’t seem to like it either. People should not buy this product.


I bought this swimsuit for my 16 year old daughter. On Amazon, they claim that this swimsuit can be worn by anyone, a one-size-fits-all swimwear. It would be impossible for her to wear it in public without exposing herself. I regret making this purchase.

Our cat volunteered to try it on and it seemed to fit!(Who are earth really believes that this swimsuit would actually fit a human being!?)