Unravelling Shoe Knots are Solved Using this Amazing Shoelace Tying Technique!!!

Do you know “Ian Knot” technique for shoe laces?

This shoelace does not come undone so it is very popular with athletes! Once, you learn it, it should be easy to remember. And, it is possible to tie this knot quickly with practice.

How to Tie the Ian Knot.

1. Start tying a normal shoelace knot and loop twice instead of once (as shown in the photo). Normally tied once, we will have a string on the front side of the shoe.


2. Use both hands, make 2 hoops with the laces on both sides on the left and right sides.


3. Make a hoop and place it through ​​to the other hoop.


4. And, vice versa in the same way.


5. Pull both lace loops through the center space.


6. Finally, pull both laces to make a bow and the knot is finished!


Please watch the following video so you can more easily understand how to tie this shoelace knot.

See Video Here


See Video Here

After reading this article and watching the video, I think that is not so difficult to master this speed shoelace tying technique. Please try it! Here is the article link once again. “Tying a Shoelace in Just 2 Seconds”

source: fieggen.com
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