A 500 Year Old Mystery has the Footprints of a Pet Cat on the Page of a Handwritten Manuscript!!!

source: gawker.com

The above photo shows a page of phrases from a 15th history book from the National Archives of Croatia which has a curious set of cat footprints on the page. In other words, the behaviour of pets and their owners hasn’t really changed in the last 500 years.

So, just like this cat sitting on this newspaper today, a cat jumped up and made a paw print on a 500-year-old book as it was being created by the hand of the writer.
source: YouTube

Why did that Cat Jump on that Table 500 Years Ago?

A Happy and Content Life?
Cats are independent and love to move around and jumped onto and off anything inside a room. This pet must have felt comfortable and happy to have disturbed his master while this book was being created.

Attracted to a Small Rustling Sound?
Cats tend to be attracted to a small sound was the rustling (because it is similar to the small prey moves sound). For this reason, perhaps enjoying the rustling sound when riding on top of the sound and paper flip through this.

In any case, the close relationship between humans and cats seems to a key feature throughout history as shown by the evidence of the paw print in the archived book.

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source: YouTube