Here is a Hilarious Baby Face as an Infant Tries Aovcados for the First Time!!!


Newborn babies try many different foods during their first year of life and react to everything they with a strong positive or negative reaction. For the first time but it is very interesting and different I reaction when the baby eat something!

Here is baby trying to eat avocado for the first time and his expression is wonderful to see and enjoy. It is simply adorable!

The parent places the spoon of avocado into the reluctant infant’s mouth.

The reaction is far from positive as you can see!

The young baby’s expression seems to say, “What is that!”

Dad mercilessly adds more avocado to the spoon and applies again into his child’s mouth. Look how big the baby’s eyes are!

The infant’s expression seem to say “This is not delicious, why are you making me eat this?

The child does not very happy at this time.

Dad tries once again with more avocado. The child looks alarmed and even more unhappy.

The baby’s facial expression seem to say “Are you insane!? I don’t want to eat this anymore!”

Please watch the video to enjoy the wonderfully cute exchange between a father and his child and introducing a new food taste!

See Video Here

What did you think?

Have you ever seen a similar expression on your child when he/she is trying a new food taste for the first time?


source: YouTube