A Global Survey of Thinning Hair By Japan’s Wig Manufacturers!!!

In a 2009 newsletter, the results of a survey (1998 to 2008) produced by the wig manufacturer Aderans was created a  “thinning hair map of the world” as shown below.

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source: TripAdvisor

Let’s take a look at the rankings.

World Country Thinning Hair Rankings.

1) Czech Republic (Prague): 42.79%

2) Spain (Madrid): 42.60%

3) Germany (Frankfurt): 41.24%

4) France (Paris): 39.24%

5) The United Kingdom (London): 39.23%

6) The United States (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles) 39.04

7) Italy (Milan): 39.01%

8) Poland (Warsaw): 38.84%

9) Netherlands (Amsterdam): 37.93%

10) Canada (Montreal): 37.42%

According to the survey, there are believed to be around 300 million people that have thinning hair in the world. Looking at the rankings above, the majority of countries in the survey are from Europe reinforcing the data that 40% of the men in Europe have thinning hair.

source: KIRIN

Online Comments

Here are some comments from some of the participating countries that were involved in the survey.
The United States of America : This survey is racist pseudo-science.
France : I thought that my hair had migrated from the top of my head to other parts of my body.
Turkey : I have been losing my hair since I was 19 years old.
Sweden : Blonde hair is inferior to black hair.
Finland : Wisdom and thinning hair are in two different categories.

source: boards.4chan.org

Thinning hair is generally caused by a variety of factors such as heredity, stress, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, smoking and drinking alcohol.