Microsoft Introduces an Accurate Age Analysis Service from a Photograph that is Amazing!!!

source: Twitter

Do you know about Microsoft’s age analysis web service called “”? Here is the website link to the service here. application determines the age of the person by simply upload and analyzing a facial photo. It has recently become a very popular talking point online among viewers since it can accurately determine a persons’s age which has always been a sensitive topic of confidentiality for some people!


This service is very easy to use as all you need to do is upload a photo and the age analysis by the application will produce a result in just a few seconds. The age of the person will be displayed on the photo that was used for the analysis as shown above.

On the other hand, “I have almost hit!” “(It is determined that the elderly) this should was not a …” and the like, seems to have raised a variety of voice.

It’s amazing! It even identified the age of the face of a bronze statue!

Analyzing a blurred photo is possible?

It has high credibility.

It also can identify photos that have been altered.

Even the same person in different photos can be analyzed?

Please try this service with your family and friends and check just how accurate it is with own photos. Is this service accurate with you or not? Please enjoy!

source: Twitter