Here is The World’s Oldest Video and Photos from the 19th Century!!!

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Modern smartphones and digital cameras produces millions of videos and photos every day but here are the world’s oldest video and photos that were actually created in the 19th century!

The Oldest (Original) Photo in the World.

In 1825, the French inventor Nicéphore Niépce produced the first photograph ever taken of “a man pulling a horse” shown below.


The World’s Oldest Photos (No Original).

In 1822, Nicéphore Niépce produced the first photograph of “a table that has been prepared”. The original was lost but here is a photo of the very first of its kind below.

Niepce_table_R (2)

The World’s Oldest Color Photos.

In 1861, James Clerk Maxwell produced the first color photograph of a “Tartan of shooting the ribbon”. This image below is a computer synthesis of the original since photographic colored paper did not exist at the time.


The World’s Oldest Video.

In 1895, a 50-second black-and-white silent documentary film  called the “Factory Outlet” was produced and directed by Louis Lumiere and is considered the world’s first live-action film. This movie is composed of a scene of female workers leaving a factory in Lyon, France.
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