Watch a Speed Challenge between a “Nissan GT-R” Sports Car Races and a “Hyundai Genesis” with a 2-Second Handicap!!!


Here is a video of a race challenge between a “Nissan GT-R” (Nissan is Japanese auto manufacturer) sports car and a “Hyundai Genesis” (Hyundai is a South Korean auto manufacturer) to see which sports car is the fastest! This has become a huge topic of discussion for many online viewers!

The Hyundai Genesis will start 2 seconds ahead of the Nissan GT-R.


The Hyundai Genesis takes off first and the Nissan GT-R starts 2 seconds later.


Look at the acceleration of the Nissan GT-R as it catches and passes the Hyundai Genesis!


The Nissan GT-R decisively wins the race.

Here are the final race results. The Nissan GT-R is clearly the faster car!

“Is the Nissan’s GT-R a sports care or a speed racing monster!?”


See Video Here

The Nissan GT-R Sports Car is amazing!

source: YouTube