An Amazing Dog Appears to Sense and Predict a Huge Earthquake Just Before It Happens!!!

It has been said that many animals are very sensitive just prior to major earthquakes and this appears to be the case on this video in which a dog suddenly flees from this office location just seconds before a major earthquake actually takes place.

Here is dog relaxing at an office who suddenly runs away at full speed.

Immediately after that, objects begin to fall and office furniture start to shake as the shockwaves from the earthquake hit the office.

Did the dog sense that the earthquake was coming before it occurred?

Why did the Dog ​​Notice?

It seems that the earthquake occurred approximately 8 seconds after the dog ran away as viewed on the video. A loud siren is activated in the vicinity of the earthquake as well as an earthquake early warning system” announcement is released on TV and mobile messaging systems by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

source: Japan Meteorological Agency

The Mechanism of an Earthquake Early Warning System.

When an earthquake occurs, seismic waves expand from the epicenter and is propagated from the ground through shaking and movement. The seismic waves emit primary (P Waves) and secondary waves (S Waves) and it is believed that animals can sense these S Waves before they actually occur. Most damage from an earthquake occur from secondary waves according to reseachers.

In the current by system, it is possible to receive a warning a few seconds before the actual earthquake occurs at your location.

It is the most up to date disaster prevention awareness system in the world today.

source: Emergency Earthquake Warning