BMW’s April Fool’s Day Newspaper Advertisement Proves to be a Wonderful Giveaway to Two Unsuspecting Customers!!!


One of the world’s most famous auto manufacturers in Bavarian Motor Works or more commonly known as BMW.

Recently a BMW auto dealership in New Zealand promoted a clever car campaign which of fooled a lot of people recently in the spirit of April Fool’s Day!

Here is a photo of the promotional advertisement published in a local newspaper’s morning edition on April 1st which is universally known as April Fool’s Day in many countries around the world. The advertisement states that those people who own a BMW can replace their current car for a brand new BMW provided that they bring in a newspaper clipping of the above ad. The advertising campaign has been dubbed as an “April Fools Day Special”.

However, two women who thought that the campaign was real came in to the BMW dealership believing that they could trade in their used car for a brand new automobile!

Here are the two women at the reception of the BMW dealership seeking to talk to someone about the newspaper promotion. One of the women is holding a clipping of the newspaper advertisement.


Here is the salesman removing the cover off a brand new BMW automobile. The April Fool’s Gag turns out to be true! “The two women are the owners of the brand new BMW!”

The two women look truly shocked and amazed at their luck and good fortune!

Who would have guessed that this apparent April Fool’s prank was actually not a prank at all!

The license plate reads “NOF00L”.

It is a stylish production and a true representation of what happens on April Fool’s Day! This joke turned out to be true!

See Video Here

Everyone should be careful on April Fool’s Day but there are some rare cases in which something you see or hear is not a prank!

source: YouTube
source: mashable