“SELPHY Shoes” Makes Taking Photos with Your Footwear to a Whole New Level!!!


Here is a sensational new product for women on the go that has just been released. The name of this unique footwear are called “SELPHIE Shoes”.

This shoe is being promoted by the New York women’s shoe brand called “Miz Mooz” and is being advertised a type of portable “selfie stick” for taking smartphone photos!


The “selfie stick” is currently very popular in its own right but these unique shoes seek to combine fashion and convenience for taking smartphone photos.

The developer of the “SELPHIE Shoes” says that the main disadvantage of the “selfie stick” is that it needs to be carried or folded.

That is a hassle!

“SELPHIE Shoes” never need to be carried as you are already wearing them.

To use, just set up the smartphone in at the end of the shoe like this!
Here is the perfect pose to take a photograph.
To take a photo just kick your leg in the air and the photo is taken automatically like this!

The “SELPHIE Shoe takes a pretty good photo!

Here is a normal photo and a photo taken with the “SELPHIE Shoe”. Which photo do you think is better?


These photos featuring the skyline of Manhattan look fabulous but some people may have trouble stretching their legs to such an extreme angle!

See Video Here

The initial launch of “SELPHIE Shoes” took place on April 1st which is also “April Fools Day” in many countries. The Miz Mooz website also features many other types of products. It is an interesting promotional campaign for the company brand.

What did you think?

Would buy a pair of “SELPHIE Shoes” and take a “selfie” photo of yourself?

source: YouTube
source: Miz Mooz