A Koala Wrestling Match Interrupts a Walk in the Wild of an Owner with Some Pet Pooches!!!


A man and his dogs were out for a routine walk in the woods of Australia when they encountered an unusual altercation between two combative koalas. Please take a look at the photos of this cuddly couple having a wrestling match on the forest floor taken by the owner of the dogs.

That I like tussle of the quarrel is like a wrestling!

Here the owner’s dogs discover the pair of intertwined koalas by surprize!


The wrestling match starts to turn violent and the koalas seem to be quite enraged at this point.

One of them then jumps on top of the other! It is a real wrestling match between these two!

The tables are turn and the other koala jumps on top. Is the fight over or is it settled?
The fight continues with the koalas continue to battle each other!
Conversely, I flipped to the left of the koala as it is!
Finally, one of the cuddly creatures pins the other and the fight is finish with one of dogs looking on nearby.

Please watch the video and be impressed by the strength and endurance of these fighting koala bears!

See Video Here

These animals are usually mild-mannered but they can also be ferocious as clearly shown in the video. It was an unexpectedly fierce fight! I am glad that the two dogs were not harmed!

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source: YouTube