An Inspirational Story of an Abused Dog Who Now Helps Patients with Love and Smiles!!!

smiley-blind-therapy-dog-golden-retriever-stacey-morrison-3rHere are some photos of the dog named Smiley and he has never had a birthday. He has a condition in which his eyes have been sewn shut to prevent infection so he is unable to see. He was born on a “puppy farm” where large numbers of dogs are bred and born often in poor conditions. Smiley met his future owner Joan at a puppy farm.

Joan rescued Smiley from the puppy farm and though he seemed afraid of other people at first, Smiley became more open and friendly. Under Joan’s guidance and love, he is now working as a therapy dog.

Dog Therapy is a kind of animal therapy and treatment method using the animal by interposing a highly-trained “therapy dog” with the elderly and for those patients who have dementia. A therapy dog is used for the purpose of rehabilitation of the mind and body of people with a variety of disorders such as autism. In a broad sense, their activities aimed at the mental emotional stability and recovery of physical motor functions can be obtained by interacting with the dog. Also, therapy dogs are used for people who have experienced a variety of emotional stress such as abuse and abandonment to help them with their rehabilitation as members of society.

source: Wikipedia

A Therapy Dog is very talented and is able to bring happiness to a lot of people. For a person who is suffering from mental illness who are unable to see or feel the smiles of other people, a therapy dog is able to break through and connect with these people and impact their lives in a positive way. Smiley provides a unique and wonderful service.

Smiley has a special talent that appears to be a mysterious invisible force!

source: boredpanda