Watch the Adorable Electromagnetic Dancing Origami Cranes in this Delightful Video!!!

1425935153wXE2St2viVmSws31425935151These moving cranes are probably downright cute?
These paper cranes has been featured on a site called and a video featuring the work of salaried workers whose expertise in electronics, electromagnetic movement inspired the idea of the “dancing origami cranes”.

Here are the “electromagnets” used for the movement of the cranes on stage being prepared by one of the workers.


Here is the crane being created using the origami folding method.

See how the feet of the crane can move from side to side.

A graceful ballet takes place.

These origami cranes are graceful and quite pleasant to look at! They are somehow very cute!

Please by all means take a look at the video and enjoy these dancing cranes!

See Video Here

The movements of these crane are mesmerizing!

source: YouTube