These Parents Show Solidarity and Support for Their Daughter with Matching Tattoos!!!


Here is a photo of the Philips family from the United Kingdom. This Adam, Tanya and their beautiful daughter named Hanirei. This family is very close and love each other very much and the parents have shown their love and support for their in a very unique way.

Hanirei has some birth bruises on her legs and feet.

Her parents initially decided that their daughter would wear long pants or leggings so that her birth bruises would be covered up thus avoiding unwanted curiosity. However, their feelings began to change as Hanirei got older and they began to consider some other ways to help their daughter with her birth bruises and how she was different from other children.

However, Hanirei’s parents were determined to show their love and support for their daughter by getting matching tattoos so that Hanirei would not feel ashamed or isolated.

As people began to notice Hanirei’s birth bruises, Andy and Tanya began to consider a way to protect their daughter from unwanted comments or looks from other people even though their intentions were not negative. Hanirei’s parents decided on a more unconventional solution to help support their young daughter.

Here are the parents tattoos which has the same pattern as Hanirei’s birth bruises.


The matching leg tattoos of Andy and Tanya were designed to divert attention from their daughter to all members of the family when they were out in public. It was an amazing gesture on their part to show solidarity and support for their daughter! I think that this method has pros and cons but there cannot any doubt that these parents love their daughter unconditionally!


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