Fantastic Fashion Created and Costing $10 – Is it Possible?


If you decide to purchase a gown for a once in a lifetime special event like a wedding or party, you are likely to spend a lot of money; perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Please take a look at Olivia’s stunning dress which only cost 10 dollars and is made of toilet paper and gold coloured tape. In fact, it took 11 rolls of toilet paper and hours of work to create the intricate craftsmanship on this gorgeous gown which looks like it cost a lot of money!


All of these individual pieces are made with golden tape and toilet paper.

Does the cat help in the production process?

Looks nice.


It looks amazing and for only 10 dollars though the time and craftsmanship need to make this dress as well as the delicate materials used in its creation make it virtually impossible to be worn naturally in public. A truly original piece of fashion…