Here is One of Most Popular Online Videos Featuring a Trombone and a Helmet Camera!!!


David Finlayson is a trombonist for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Here is a homemade video created by Finlayson as this performance became an unlikely top-ranked video on YouTube! The video was taken with a “Go Pro” helmet camera and and until recently had its own webpage. This video has been one of the most watched online all over the world for the last year and a half so please take a look and enjoy!

Here is David Finlayson playing away on his trombone with the “Go Pro” helmet camera shooting from an interesting angle to capture the performance.
This man really know how to play this difficult instrument! He is really good!
His eyes never leaves the camera as he plays his piece of music for the camera!

A straight face zooming in and out while playing the trombone is simply hilarious to see. Please watch and enjoy the full video of this amazing musical performance which will bring a smile to your face!


See Video Here

source: YouTube

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