Watch a Thirsty Cat’s Adorable Attempt to Drink Water from a Faucet with Zero Success!!!

source: twitter

Here is a thirsty cat with his head underneath a kitchen faucet attempting to drink some water! This feline’s name is “Chitaro” and his unusual movements only results in getting wet instead of getting a drink!. These adorable and humorous images have become a big topic of discussion with online viewers worldwide recently!

An adorable display by a thirsty cat!

Why is this cat in such a strange position?
source: twitter

Somehow this comical cat has placed his head directly underneath the faucet while trying to catch some water on his tongue! How silly and adorable is that?

The kitty is trying so hard to catch the flowing water on his tongue but with zero success!
source: twitter

▼ You could watch this video many times and never tire of watch this kitty’s adorable behavior!

What did you think?

This video and this thirsty cat is so adorable that it will certainly bring a smile to your face as you watch the video again and again!

source: twitter

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