Watch a Daring Dog Jump Off the Fourth Floor of a Building and Survive!!!



Here is a truly shocking series of images and video clips which is surreal to see!

Here is a four-story building in the center of this image. In the background the sound of a dog barking is clearly heard though it is not possible to see the animal at this point.


Though the image is not so clear, the camera has picked out the outline of a dog partially standing on the balcony on the top floor of the building. The dog is circled on the image below.

Apparently the animal is desperate to get out of the building and starts to lean over the edge of the balcony! At this point you can hear the photographer shout “Wait! Wait!” as if to try to stop the dog from the inevitable.

Suddenly, the dog jump out of the balcony and begin hurtling downward at high speed!

What! The dog lands on the ground and then simply runs away as if nothing has happened! The animal somehow was unharmed in the fall!

Apparently the dog wanted to rejoin his other canine friends!


Please take a look at this amazing and disturbing video.

See Video Here

It was good to see that this animal was unharmed after jumping out of the building but this animal appears to be homeless and part of a pack of wild dogs roaming around this area.

source: YouTube