See Several Nintendo Products Undergo Extreme Conditions and Still Operate Perfectly!!!



On the online overseas bulletin board website “Reddit”, the following comment and images was posted. “My Nintendo 3DS caught on fire last night.”

The above photo clearly shows that a significant portion of the 3DS electronic game console had completely melted.

The left side of the Nintendo 3DS was completely melted and the voice adjustment button had been covered with melted plastic. The SD card slot had been partially sealed but was still moving normally. Though there was a strong odor of burnt plastic and holding the device with the left hand was awkward, the machine still functioned normally.


Here is a photo of the melted Nintendo 3DS which is still working normally after the accident. What a truly durable product!


Moreover, while this 3DS was on fire, the owner of this game console was able to extinguish the flames by dousing water on it so this Nintendo product was still able to work normally after experiencing both fire and water exposure!

Online Viewer Comments from Reddit

• My 3DS has been dropped so many times but continues to work!

• Nintendo has a spirit of building durable devices which is similar to the Ford Motor Corporation’s methodology on building automobiles.

• The GameHere it is to say that mobile phone use for two years has been broken just shocked in the pocket … to Nintendo, I want you to make a mobile phone, I buy

• Nintendo is likely to be more durable than my iPhone4S.

• I dropped my Nintendo “Game Boy Advance SP” into the toilet by accident and 9 years later it is still working!


Many Nintendo customers are big fans of these durable products and here is a Nintendo “Game Boy” which was damaged during a bombing attack during the Gulf War and was still working afterwards!
Game-Boy-BurnedrThese products which have undergone extreme conditions and still continue to function are on display at the “Nintendo World Store” in New York City.

The high quality of Nintendo’s products and the high brand loyalty of its customers are two clear reasons why these electronic game consoles are still very popular all over the world!