Watch a Miraculous Rescue of a Boy Trapped in a Drain Underwater as His Family Watches!!!


See Video Here

source: YouTube

Here is an amazing story of a near death experience of a young boy living in Brazil! The incident begins with a video of a family enjoys the outdoors on a beautiful day. A drainage outlet is nearby but it is a holiday and the plant operating the drainage system appears to be closed.

Here is the family enjoying a relaxing swim in the water.


Suddenly, the young boy is caught in the suction of the drainage pipe! He is quickly sucked underwater and his family begin to panic!

He then appears unhurt just a few minutes later! It seems that he was sucked through the drainage system and somehow escaped from the pipe! It is truly a miracle that he was able to survive!

Here is the boy just after escaping from the drainage pipe! He looks so happy to be alive!

His uncle was sucked into the drainage system as he attempt to help the young boy and also escaped but looks completely exhausted!

Anyways I’m glad that everyone involved in this incident was unharmed!


source: YouTube