An Amazing Act of a Kindness by a Boy at a Major League Baseball Game Became an Overnight Sensation!!!


At a recent Major League Baseball game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers an amazing act of kindness and generosity was captured on national television. A young boy was seen giving a baseball which he caught to a woman whom he did not know.

This gesture became an overnight sensation with many people in the United States and a top ranking topic of discussion with online viewers worldwide.

See Video Here

▼Here is the young with pink sunglasses who is about to become a national hero in the USA.
▼ Here is the boy catching a foul ball during the baseball game as many other fans watch on.
▼ Suddenly, the young boy turns around and give a woman the prized baseball. She looks both delighted and surprized!
▼ Here is the woman with a big smile on her face while other fans admire and appreciate the young boy’s kind gesture.
This is simply of wonderful moment of generosity and kindness on the part of the young boy!

What a terrific gesture!