See Newborn Piglets Brought Back to Life by Artificial Respiration!!!



This video captures the scene in which a newborn piglet is assisted at birth by an experienced professional. Unfortunately, this baby is unconscious and is not breathing.

Immediately after birth, baby pigs usually cry out and are breathing on their own just like a human baby. In this case, the piglet is unconscious and not breathing so the person tries reviving the animal using a variety of techniques such as gently rubbing the piglets back as shown in the image below.


The man probes the mouth of the unconscious piglet but there is no reaction. This baby is in some trouble.

As a last resort, the man will use mouth-to-mouth respiration to save the life of the young animal.

The revived piglets will cry out just like a human baby when the animals can breathe on its own!
The man shows his relief by striking a pose of celebration!

Here is the rejuvenated piglet getting some mother’s milk along with his brothers and sisters.

It was fantastic to see these baby piglets could be revived by the quick thinking and expert care of these people!


See Video Here

source: YouTube