Enjoy Apprentice Police Dogs Practice Attacking Criminals in Sensitive Areas!!!


Here is a training video for apprentice police dogs undergoing attack practice on potential criminal suspects. This German shepherd dog is about to attack and bite the perpetrator!

This training looks to be a little severe on the animal but obedience is a key element for a police dog. First of all, the instructor asks the dog “Sit Down!! The dog is acting a little too friendly at this point.

fd200314rThe instructor adjust the posture of the apprentice animal to a sitting position.
Now, the instructor commands the dog to “Attack” and the animal viciously bites the perpetrator! This is an aggressive attack by the dog!

What is this dog doing now?

fd200316rMany online viewers have commented about this strange position but the dog appears to be in a friendly frame of mind and the attack training appears to have been completed.

What do you think?

These apprentice police dogs must undergo months of strict training to become an active member of the police force.


See Video Here

source: YouTube