See the Harrowing Story of a Baby Orangutan Confined to a Chicken Coop for 10 Months!!!



Here is a tragic story of unimaginable animal cruelty from Indonesia in December, 2014 as the International Animal Rescue (IAR) rescued a baby orangutan who had been confined continuously since birth for 10 months in a small chicken coop. The young orangutan’s name is “Buti” and he is pictured here sleeping peacefully with a stuffed monkey to keep him company.

“Buti” was found to be undernourished since he was only given condensed milk for food since he was born. It was a very unhealthy diet for a baby orangutan.


His poor nutrition and small living area resulted in the baby orangutan to develop “hypoplasia” which meant that the bones in his arms and legs had been bent. He was in critical condition when he was rescued. At this time, he is continuing to recover at the IAR facility.


Though “Buti’s owner claimed ignorance about his poor diet, I think that this is a downright irresponsible story! Unfortunately, there is a lot of negligence and ignorance among pet owners everywhere in the world and this terrible behavior needs to change!



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I hope that “Buti” can completely recover and live a long and healthy life free of abuse and poor treatment forever!


source: IAR
source: Daily Mail
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