Here is a Romantic Story of a Ring Boy and a Flower Girl Who Got Married 20 Years Later!!!



Here is a great story from the state of Minnesota in the United States. Here is a photo of Briggs and Britney as 3-year-olds at a wedding in 1995. Briggs was a ring boy and Britney was a flower girl at the same wedding. This adorable couple would become husband and wife 20 years later in 2015 at their own wedding!

▼ Here are the 3-year-olds attending the wedding as a ring boy and a flower girl in the photo below.


Here is Briggs talking about his memories of Britney 20 years ago on the eve of his own wedding.

Briggs and Britney became reacquainted in high school and began dating at university which then led to romance and eventually a marriage proposal!



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This romantic reunion and marriage and became a huge topic of discussion with many online viewers in the United States and was featured on several US news networks such as CNN.

This is a lovely couple and seemed to be destined to be together and I wish them many years of happiness!

source: YouTube