Here is a Definitive Table of Dog Breeds Which Will Aid People in Purchasing Pooches!!!


Here is a comprehensive table of dog breeds created by designer David McCandless titled “Best in Show”. The data of specific dog types include metrics on intelligence, life, price, popularity etc.
Enlarged Table Image

The table has been roughly divided in four categories. The upper right quadrant is named the “Hot Dog” category of popular breeds at this time which includes Border Collies, Pomeranian Poodles and Golden Retrievers.



The upper left quadrant is “Overrated” which are dog breeds which are popular but with a low score which includes Bulldogs, French bulldogs, Great Danes, Boxers etc.

The lower right quadrant is classified as “Overlooked Treasures” which are popular dog breeds with a high score that include Golden Setters, Tibetan Terriers, Pointers, Border Terriers etc.

The lower left quadrant is categorized as “Rightly Ignored” which are unpopular dog breeds with a low score which include Irish Wolfhounds, Borzoi’s, Afghan Hounds etc.

This is a very detailed table of dog types which has a lot of interesting data!


Isn’t this the image of a cat?

What did you think of this data?

Which dog breed is your favorite?

I think that this table may help people choose the best type of dog for their homes and families.


source: SPLOID