High School Arts Students Recreate the Picasso Masterpiece “Guernica” on a Blackboard!!!

A high school art teacher published a photo on Twitter of the Picasso masterpiece “Guernica” on a blackboard at school which was created by his students. Please click on the Twitter link here for more details. (@hamacream). This has become a very popular topic with many online viewers worldwide who marvelled at the skills displayed by these young art students!

“Guernica”, was created by the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and is a tapestry painting inspired by an incident in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War.
source: Wikipedia-ゲルニカ(絵画)

Here is the twitter post of the art teacher:

This amazing recreation is so detailed that it even matches the height and width of Picasso’s original!

The artistic ability of the students is simply remarkable! The art teacher should be proud of his students!