Here is a Thought-Provoking Social Experiment on Public Opinions on Racism in the USA!!!


The topic of racism in the United States is always a thought-provoking issue that is certain to create a lot of discussion and debate and people need to consider “What Would You Do?” in a similar situation. Here is a video of a social experiment with the reactions and responses of ordinary people recorded to analyze opinions on this sensitive topic.

Here a black woman is shopping at a boutique and receives discriminatory treatment from the store clerk. Both the customer and the store clerk are actors and the aim is to observe the reactions of other people in the store at that time.

▼ There are certain situations when it appears that only black customers who have been shopping in the store are subject to discrimination or inappropriate treatment from the store staff.


▼ What is the general reaction of customers who happen to witness such a situation?

▼ Some people are coy with their answers.

▼ Some people get angry and complain about this type of discrimination to the clerk.

See Video Here

There are a variety of reactions which were recorded and the social experiment tended to focus on people who attempted to stop this type of discrimination and unequal treatment of people in society.

People everywhere need to look at themselves in such a situation and imagine how they would react with the thought of “What Would You Do?”.

source: What Would You Do?