Witness a Rocket-Propelled Bicycle Win a Race Against a Ferrari Sports Car in Record Time!!!


Here is a short video of a race between a rocket-propelled bicycle and a Ferrari 430 sports supercar and the bicycle wins the race at a new world record speed of 333 kilometers per hour!

This racing challenge took place on a straight line at the Karl Paul Racing Track in France between the specially designed bicycle and the Ferrari 430 supercar which has a top speed of 260 kilometers per hour! The bike has been equipped with a steam rocket engine which was developed for the purpose of achieving a new world speed record and is shown the photo below.




A New World Record of 333 kilometers Per Hour!

*Rocket Engine Thrust: 4.2kN
*0-100 km/hour in 1.1 seconds
*0-200 km/hour in 2.5 seconds
*0-300 km/hour in 4.3 seconds
*0-333 km/hour in 4.8 seconds
*A maximum speed of 333 kilometers per hour!

See Video Here

The acceleration of this rocket propelled bicycle is simply remarkable to see in this video!

It is simply too fast to consider or imagine!