Enjoy the Cute and Clumsy Antics of Various Penguins Attempting to Move Around!!!

source: YouTube

Penguins are adorable animals who have very short legs which causes them to shuffle about when they are walking around. Here are some delightful images of penguins who are stumbling and falling down in various situations that are so amusing to see and became very popular with online viewers from all over the world!

An unsuccessful jump and tumble!

source: YouTube

Here is a penguin slipping and falling on the ice.

source: YouTube

A sudden tumble into the frozen water!

source: YouTube

Slipping off the side of a cliff looks dangerous!

source: YouTube

This penguins small legs are unable to reach the other ledge and falls down!

source: YouTube

Oops! This jump was higher than expected!

source: YouTube

Here are two penguins staring at each other on the beach!

source: YouTube

Here is a cute and bumbling penguin!

source: YouTube

What a cute slipping and sliding penguin!

source: YouTube

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Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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source: YouTube

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