See a Policeman Risk His Life to Stop a Vehicle By Spreading Spike Strips on a Highway!!!

source: YouTube

Here are some astonishing video images of police officers risking their lives to stop an escaping vehicle by spreading a spike strip on a highway in an courageous action that was captured and posted on YouTube and has quickly generated a huge amount of buzz with online viewers all over the world!

A spike strip is a mechanism that is designed to puncture the tires of an escaping vehicle and capture the culprit and this video of police officers in Estonia successfully capturing a suspect using this method is displayed below.

Here is a policeman who seems to be preparing to deploy the spike strip by stopping traffic on one side of the road. We are closing one side.

source: YouTube

Radio communication allows the police at the scene to receive updates on the target vehicle.

source: YouTube

Now! The policeman unleashing the spike strip across the road as the targeted vehicle approaches at high speed!

source: YouTube

As the escaping vehicle passes over the spike strip, the tires explode and the driver loses control! The car starts to veer to the right, it is a frightening scene to behold!

source: YouTube

After that, police officers quickly head toward toward the escaping vehicle to apprehend the suspect!

source: YouTube

Here is the escaping vehicle with punctured tires which means that the driver can no longer get away.

source: YouTube

The police officer’s skillful deployment of the spike strip at the precise time is truly breathtaking!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below!

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: youtube

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