See a Huge Bear Surprise and Chase After a Cyclist on a Mountain Path in This Video!!!

source: YouTube

Here is an astonishing video of two mountain biking enthusiasts cycling on a remote trail in the mountains when they suddenly encounter a huge bear who proceeds to chase on the cyclists at high speed! Since this video was posted on YouTube, it has become a big topic of discussion with online viewers worldwide!

This incident occurred on one of most famous mountain biking trails in Slovakia called “Marino Burud”. As the first cyclist rides past, a large adult bear appears at the side of the trail!

source: YouTube

Running comfortably while installing camera …

source: YouTube

Approximately approaches from the side of the road on the right side.

source: YouTube

It was a huge bear that appeared. That, too, will keep track of the people who run in front at a fair rate.

source: YouTube

Approach so close! However, the companion runs without noticing bears approaching from behind.

source: YouTube

Still, because the speed was also on the slope, bears give up to pursue quickly.

source: YouTube

What did you think?

I did not give eyes to the photographer who was behind and went back to the forest. It did not reach importance, but it was a moment of shock that it would be a mistake one step.

Please take a look at the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: youtube

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