Watch an Energetic Playing Puppy Suddenly Fall Asleep After Frolicking with Her Owner!!!

source: YouTube

Here are some delightful video images of an adorable puppy lying on her back and playing around with her owner with a lot of energy and enthusiasm! What happen next is totally unexpected as the tiny puppy suddenly falls asleep without any warning!

These scenes between the puppy and her owner quickly became a popular topic of discussion with online viewers after it was posted on YouTube!

A sudden sleep by a tiny puppy.

The video begins with the happy puppy receiving some tummy rubbing by her owner! The tiny pet seems to be so excited at this point!

source: YouTube

After just 20 seconds of the video, the mood and movement of the puppy abruptly changes! after the start of the movie. The owner has stopped her touching and the young pooch looks a little confused and also stops moving!

Why has the puppy stopped moving?

source: YouTube

Do tiny puppies snore in their sleep?

source: YouTube

A sleeping puppy gets bothered by another dog.

This other dog seems quite curious with the sleeping puppy!

source: YouTube

Will the puppy wake up soon or keep sleeping!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

Se Video Here

source: YouTube

What did you think?

I wonder if the owner’s stroke was too pleasant and that the puppy suddenly became sleepy?

source: YouTube

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