A Secret Experiment with a Camera Inside a Woman’s Bra Reveals Surprising Results!!


“Nestle” the world’s largest food maker conducted an unusual experiment with a secret camera hidden inside a woman’s bra. The purpose of the experiment was to measure the number of glances by people at the woman (pictured above). As one can imagine beforehand, there would be an overwhelming number of men glancing at the woman but the actual results turned out to be quite different. This was not a prank experiment nor a form of sexual objectification or discrimination. Finally, the convincing message… was something that everyone should think about!

The Chest Camera was located here.


A man sitting across from the woman on the train glances at her.


A mother with a young child glances at her.


Even a baby glances at her.


A small dog glances at her!


At the end of the experiment “The woman glanced at herself”. The camera recorded a total number of 37 glances.


The message that they really wanted to communicate was.


See Video Here

It looks Amazing!