See an Adorable Video of a Large Dog Taking a Nap on the Train Like a Human!!!

source: YouTube

Here are some delightful video images of a large “Great Dane” dog sitting on a passenger seat on a train just like a human and is fast asleep! This sleeping dog’s posture quickly captured the imagination of online viewers from all around the world!

Here is the huge dog sitting upright on a passenger seat on a train next to his owner. This pooch is fast asleep.

source: YouTube

Suddenly, the big dog opens his eyes and makes a loud snorting sound with his nose! Oops! A lot of moisture from the “Great Dane” large snout flies out all over the place!

source: YouTube

What an adorable expression on the big dog’s face! His eyes are open but is clearly still asleep!

source: YouTube

The dog’s eyes start to close again!

source: YouTube

And just as suddenly, the dog is fast asleep again!

source: YouTube

The big dog’s head tips over and now rests on the shoulder of his owner. This sight is something you would never see on a passenger train!

source: YouTube

A quick look around and then back to sleep again!

source: YouTube

I wonder if this large dog snores loudly?

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

See Video Here

source: YouTube

source: youtube

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