See a Physicist Who Quit Working for NASA for Traditional Japanese Origami Design!!!

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“Robert Lang” was working at NASA as a physicist when he decided to forgo that career and devote himself to the traditional Japanese paper folding of “origami”! His imaginative creations has captured the attention of online viewers from all over the world!

This talented person has been passionate about “origami” all of his life and has been creating some amazing folded designs since he was a very young child!

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His dream is to bring math tools into his origami design will make beautiful and unexpected things.

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As a physicist, his research subjects are science and technology and he worked with NASA and was engaged in laser research.

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However, he kept pursuing origami all the while and developed some innovative and original origami designs and finally wrote a book about it. He finally decided to quit his job in 2001 and focus on his origami design career.

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One of the most important characteristics of origami is that once you learn and understand how to fold and spread paper, you can apply those patterns to objects that are significantly different from the paper.

He tried several different folding methods that fit into a round and cylindrical rocket at work. He also developed a car airbag. When an engineer produces things in a controlled manner, you can use the origami folding pattern.

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Part of the work.

Traditional origami design is simple and usually requires 20 to 30 steps. His designs require dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of folding steps.
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A flying bat.
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A bunch of roses with distinct petal thickness and texture.
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Is this a lamp? It looks wonderful!
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Here is a swimming carp with a sense of color.
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Even the individual scales of the fish have been fully reproduced.
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Robert Lang has commented on his unique origami designs.

The driving force for me is that I always want to challenge. New problem, new theme. I thought that I could not make it before, but now it is a new shape that shows how to realize it. You can taste that wonderful feeling when you solve a problem anytime.

What did you think?

It’s a lot of unexpectedly beautiful works that made from one piece of paper. There are truly unlimited possibilities when you begin folding from one sheet of paper!

Please take a look and watch the extended video below!

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