Watch an Adorable Video of a Chipmunk Attempting Carry 4 Large Acorns in His Cheeks!!!

This adorable chipmunk displays an amazing ability to carry 4 large acorns in his mouth at the same time! This cute animal with the huge cheeks was recorded on video so please take a look and enjoy!

▼The tiny animal seems to appreciate a human’s gentle touch!

▼Another chipmunk appears in the background threatening to take advantage of the large number of acorns on the ground.♪

▼Here is the chipmunk with three acorns stuffed in his cheeks. Does he have room for one more?

Please watch the video to see if the tiny chipmunk is able to accomplish this feat which can be seen from 1:55 of the video.

See Video Here

It is simply unbelievable that such a small animal is able to stuff 4 large acorns in his cheeks at the same time!