See Cute Silhouettes of Animals Hidden in These Romantic Images of Couples Together!!!


Here are some posters of photographs featuring some couples in love facing each other but if you look more closely you will discover the silhouette of something else that is somewhat surprising!

▼ Please look at the white space between the couple.


An outline of a “cat” becomes visible! How is that possible?

Actually, these posters were created for a promotional campaign event to encourage people to foster homeless animals by an animal conservation organization called “World for All” which is based in Mumbai, India.

There are also other posters featuring silhouettes of other animals such as a “dog” and “rabbit” versions!


Here is a figure of “dog” in the middle of a family photograph supporting two babies.


Here is a figure of a “rabbit” among a group of young couples.

What did you think?

There are animals in a kindness and affectionate couple and family, and it feels warm for some reason. I hope this poster spread all over the world and find a lot of foster parents.