Here is a New Character on the TV Program “Sesame Street” Featuring an Autistic Child!!!

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Recently, a new character was introduced on the American children’s program Sesame Street! The 4-year-old girl is named “Julia” and she has a medical condition called “autism” which is a becoming a popular talking point among online viewers from all around the world!

Through the character of “Julia”, better awareness of this condition is certain to improve with this new character introduction of children with the condition of autism.
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In Julia’s story, there is a different tendency of understanding for people who have autism. In production, and gestures can’t express everything and mutual understanding is gradually revealed..
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Here is a photograph from a scene in “Sesame Street”.

Allen is manipulating the famous character “Big Bird” and is beside “Julia” with the theme of the scene is everyone expresses themselves in different ways so it’s important to understand and appreciate these differences.

“Julia’s” condition is explained Big Bird.
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The woman who is moving the puppet of “Julia” is also raising an autistic son in real life so she is able to convey autism through the movements and expressions of the puppet.

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Here is a meeting for establishing the roles of the characters is being held.
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On another scene of the show, Allen and Julia are sympathizing while watching TV together which is a lovely and touching moment.
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Autism is a medical condition which is receiving more and more attention around the world so the introduction of the character of “Julia” on the popular children’s program of “Sesame Street” is certain to highlight and improve the ways in which people can understand and communicate about this condition.

Please take a look and watch the extended video below.

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